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Video Interview: The Guillemots

Posted by: Kelly Hussey 12/06/2008 @ 14:54
Subject: Clubs

The British music industry has never been better – you only have to take one look at such awards as the NME and the Brits to see the huge range of talent out there at the moment. And we’re not talking about poxy reality TV shows, either – um, Chanelle what were you thinking?

One of the hottest rated bands to come out of Britain to date is The Guillemots (sorry, I mean gUiLLeMoTs). A personal favourite of mine, they’ve gone from strength to strength since they formed in late 2004. With a plethora of hits, including Trains to Brazil, which was an Itunes Single of the Week, celebrity fans that include Sir Paul McCartney, and a Brit nomination under their belt the future looks very rosy indeed for this talented band.

We at View were lucky …

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